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A company dedicated to deliver you outclassing range of LED, Flood & Panel lights of unparalleled quality...

From the immortal time, light has been a necessity for any place, may it be to see the beauty of environment or just to have a clear vision in darkness, light is necessary. Earlier in ancient days, burning candles, woods, etc, were the only source of having light but with change in time, things have improved and enhanced. Now, with the gift of Technology- Electrical Lights, we can enjoy power of light without harming environment. Green Energy Sources, is a company which is working with utmost sincerity and dedication to make available a wide range of electrical lights to the customers.Our company is new to electrical industry and as a Manufacturer, has earned high recognition in a relatively less amount of time by making commitment towards quality and fulfilling clients' demands. With the help of highly dedicated technocrats and skilled engineers we are able to develop an array of electrical lights which includes LED Lights, Led Tube Light, Street Led Lights, Home Light and Back Light Downlights to name a few.